Tyrese avoue avoir menti sur la grossesse de sa femme, sa situation financière et les Smiths | La Scandaleuse

Tyrese avoue avoir menti sur la grossesse de sa femme, sa situation financière et les Smiths

… Tyrese admet avoir menti… sur tout…

C’est à travers un post Instagram (l’attaché de presse des stars vous savez déjà) que Tyrese a fait son mea culpa.

Let’s get this all off the table a few weeks back while stressed and of course as I embarrassingly spoke on this.. I was advised to use some psych meds called Rexulti and I did and did some really stupid things publicly and privately that will take me a while to recover from. To clear the air cause I’m an open book and got nothing to hide. My wife is NOT pregnant and never was (those meds had me on one) I owe no one any money on any level matter of fact I just took care of both of my lawyers fully 108k for my lawyer and almost 20k for Shaylas lawyer. I could never give what I don’t have. Smart folks do the math! And I’ve already mentioned that there was a few talks with the Smiths and those meds made me jump out there and speak on monies that never came in- I’ve already again apologized to them privately and publicly for everything. I’m traveling cause I can afford to, and I’m not out here hosting parties ( cause you haven’t seen me post about any lol ) I’m out here handling business long awaited Business! #VoltronBusiness After being 100% exonerated my name is cleared of 10 years of lies and allegations that I’m very happy to move away from. it’s that I have a Movie/ Documentary coming from the moment it all happened I hired a camera crew to follow me around and capture every moment. I apologize again for what happened privately and publicly I know the jokes have been flying and will continue to fly and I’m ok with it I’m a big boy with Thick skin. NO one I repeat NO one has flown me around, I’ve arranged and made these moves myself.. That “Fast” bag would of been nice of course but that’s life right? The real fathers and hustlers understand that it’s whatever it takes to get shit done. feel free to take my words and pick them all apart that’s MY story and my TRUTH and that will never change.. Again I apologize to those of you that I’ve let down from the “way” this all looks but we live and learn and I’ve learned a LOT.. For my so called loved ones who went out of their to step on me while I was Down. I know exactly who you are… and I seen everything- I love You Too. This is my last post about the past. Let’s move on shall we? #DaddyDaughterSeason #Capricorn

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Le post est un peu long et on ne vous le traduira pas parce que les menteurs ne nous intéressent pas plus que ça, mais voilà dans les grandes lignes ce qu’il dit :

  • Il prenait un médicament appelé Rexulti ce qui a altéré son comportement
  • Sa femme (white black queen) n’est pas enceinte et ne l’a jamais été
  • Il ne doit d’argent à personne
  • Il a payé ses frais d’avocat (108k) et ceux de Shayla (20k)
  • Bien qu’il ait parlé avec Jada Pinkett Smith et Will Smith, ils ne lui ont jamais donné le moindre sou
  • Alors qu’il disait que son voyage au Moyen Orient lui avait été offert, il admet maintenant l’avoir payé lui même parce qu’il a les moyens
  • Il ne s’excuse toujours pas auprès de The Rock

En gros Tyrese dit qu’il a fait ce qu’il devait faire pour récupérer sa fille mais maintenant c’est le passé et il souhaite avancer….

Et si on arrêtait de s’intéresser à cet individu? Qu’est ce que vous en dites ? 

  1. mais bien sur quil a menti sur sa soi disant faillite, moi je le savais !!!

    il est multi-millionnaire le type !!! faudrait vraiment être con pour perdre 1000000000 dollars en 1 semaine !!

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